Jewellery Cleaning Tips: Pearls

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Pearls are natural, soft gems created within mollusks in the sea or freshwater. These special gems require proper care to retain their beautiful luster and colour over the years. Like softer gemstones, pearls can scratch easily, so use care to store them separate from other jewellery.


To Clean:

  • Wipe with a soft, damp cotton cloth each time pearl jewellery is worn to remove traces of perfume, perspiration or makeup.
  • For occasional cleaning, soak 2-3 minutes in a bowl of lukewarm (never hot) water.
  • Rinse and dry on a soft absorbent cloth.
  • Pearl strands must dry thoroughly prior to wearing as the damp silk thread attracts dirt and can easily stretch out.


Special Tips:

  • Do not spray on perfume or hairspray while wearing pearls as the chemical agents contained in these products may damage the delicate nacre of the pearl and cause pitting, dulling or yellowing.
  • Avoid household cleaners, detergents and harsh chemicals like ammonia, chlorine and bleach.
  • Do not use ultrasonic or steam cleaners.
  • Remove pearl jewellery before entering a chlorinated pool.
  • Have pearl strands restrung every 1-3 years depending upon the amount of wear.
  • Store pearls separately, wrapped in silk, soft cotton or a chamois. Keep away from excessive heat or direct sunlight. Avoid airtight plastic bags or containers, as this can dry out the natural moisture of the nacre and cause pearls to crack or discolor over time.