Champagne Diamonds


Champagne Diamonds. Smallest : 0.56ct, Medium : 0.63ct, Biggest : 1.31ct – 2.5ct Total Weight.

Perfect to make into a custom piece designed and made by in house Jeweller, Daniel McKenna.


Champagne Diamonds

Weight : Smallest : 0.56ct – $2,365, Medium : 0.63ct – $2650, Biggest : 1.31ct -$7850 – 2.5ct Total – $11,500 For the set.

Colour : Champagne

A champagne diamond is a type of colored diamond that’s naturally brown, with a noticeable yellow tint. They can range in hue from light brown to darker shades, resembling the color of champagne. … Champagne diamonds contain small amounts of nitrogen trapped during diamond formation.


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