Purple Sapphire


Purple Sapphire 2.39ct

Perfect stone to create a unique piece handcrafted by our in house jeweller, Daniel McKenna.

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Purple Sapphire

Weight : 2.39ct

Sapphires in colors other than blue are called “fancy” or “parti colored” sapphires.

Fancy sapphires are often found in yellow, orange, green, brown, purple and violet hues.

Particolored sapphires or bi-color sapphires are those stones which exhibit two or more colors within a single stone. The desirability of particolored or bi-color sapphires is usually judged based on the zoning or location of their colors, the colors’ saturation, and the contrast of their colors. Australia is the largest source of particolored sapphires; they are not commonly used in mainstream jewelry and remain relatively unknown. Particolored sapphires cannot be created synthetically and only occur naturally. The vast majority of particolored sapphires occur naturally, but it is possible to replicate the appearance of a particolored sapphire in a synthetic sapphire.

Colorless sapphires have historically been used as diamond substitutes in jewelry.


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