Tucci Pink Spinel


Tucci Pink Spinel stone. Perfect to add to a custom piece, designed and made by our principal Jeweller Daniel McKenna.


Tucci Pink Spinel

Weight : 2.23ct

Colour : Pink

With its exceptional brilliance and inner fire the pink spinel is unmistakable –quite unlike other pink gems. As light plays over the crystal it brings out the gem’s remarkable optical effects. The royal pink spinel emits vivid fluorescence in UV rays,seeming to absorb the light and then hurl it back into the dark, magnified in its own fiery glow. Then too there is the effect of its single refraction giving it one pure color in every direction and, in this case at least, in every light, never showing over tones of brown or gray whatever the illumination. Once cut in the elegant antique fashion with large facets, the color flashes out with each tilt of its pretty head: like a beautiful woman’s eyes as she glances back over her shoulder.


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