Repairs big or small are welcome at DM Jewellers.

Daniel can repair rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets  and any other items of jewellery



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Let us repair and restore your favourite broken pieces and bring them back to their true beauty.

Examples of what we specialise in:

  • Pearl Re-Threading
  • Pearl Re-Knotting
  • Repairing Links and Chains
  • Replacing Parts and Clasps
  • Lengthening or Shortening
  • Magnetic Clasps- Perfect for arthritic hands
  • Leather and Cords

And plenty more….

Pearls are the most flattering and sensual of gems. They reflect a soft glow onto their owner that enhances one’s natural beauty. To maintain your pearls gentle lustre, they need to be worn on the skin so that the natural oils from your body help to keep them moisturised.

Remember these important hints

  • Wear your beloved pearls as much as possible
  • Don’t forget to wipe your pearls after use to remove traces of perfume or perspiration
  • Store your pearls in a silk or chamois leather away from diamonds or metal when not in use
  • Treat your pearls to an annual check-up- we look for any discolouration, fraying, and thread stretching
  • Have them cleaned once a year if your wear your precious pearls often

Things your pearls should avoid

  • Avoid perfume, fake tan and perfume
  • Do not wear your pearls when exercising as excessive perspiration can cause damage
  • Do not swim in your pearls as the chemicals can harm them
  • Store pearls laying down, never by hanging them as this can cause stretching and damage the silk
  • Never store pearls in a sealed plastic bag as it can dry out the pearl
  • Do not store pearls somewhere to dry or airless
  • Never bite a pearl to test for authenticity

After a day of wearing your pearls, wipe them down with a slightly damp soft cloth using water only. Lay them to dry overnight on a dry cloth. Never wear your pearls when the string is still wet to avoid stretching the silk and causing unsightly gaps between the pearls.

 Avoid Acidity

Acid perspiration produced by excessive exercising may result in losing the lustre from your pearl. Avoid contact with lemon juice, vinegar and dishwashing liquid. Swimming or bathing in treated water may also cause damaging effects. Chemicals and acids erode the pearls natural nacre, leaving the pearl with significant loss of lustre.


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