Jewellery Cleaning


An ultra sonic clean of your pieces will ensure it is looking at its finest. At the same time, Daniel will conduct a thorough inspection of your jewellery to ensure your treasured pieces continue to sparkle for many years to come.

In-store Ultrasonic Cleaner

Our ultrasonic cleaner is very effective on gold and diamond jewellery and can easily be done in a few minutes. We offer your first piece of jewellery to be cleaned for free and then $20 for each item after that. At this time, we can also examine your jewellery to determine if any repairs or special maintenance procedures are needed.

Jewellery Cleaning and Care

It is important to take regular care of your precious fine jewellery. Follow some of our easy tips to ensure the beauty of your jewellery for generations to come.

1. Store jewellery separately

This helps to avoid scratches to precious metals and soft gemstones. You can store them in a jewellery box with separate compartments, or a lined container with dividers, or wrap e

2. Keep jewellery clean

Wipe your jewellery with a soft damp cloth after each time it is worn. This will help to remove makeup, perfumes, dust, perspiration and surface grime that can accumulate on a daily basis. Don’t forget to regularly come in-store for a deeper cleaning.

3. Coloured gemstones storing

Coloured gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds should be stored away from direct light and excessive heat. Other gemstones including turquoise, lapis, coral, onyx and amber are naturally soft and porous and must not be soaked for longer than advised. Also, be careful with them as they can be scratched easily.

For more tips on cleaning and taking care of your jewellery, check out our blog posts.