Jewellery Repair


Repairs big or small are welcome at DM Jewellers.
Let us repair and restore your favourite broken pieces and bring them back to their true beauty.
custom design

We Specialise In

  • Pearl Re-Threading
  • Pearl Re-Knotting
  • Repairing Links and Chains
  • Replacing Parts and Clasps
  • Lengthening or Shortening
  • Magnetic Clasps – Perfect for arthritic hands
  • Leather and Cords


Our jewellery Repair process

Chat with an expert

With 18 years of experience, Daniel has the expertise to repair your jewellery and make it look as good as new.

Jewellery Repair Service

We take the upmost care and attention to ensure your jewellery looks its very best.

Worldwide Service

DM Jewellers can repair that special piece of jewellery no matter where you are.