Jewellery resizing


It is unlikely that your image of the perfect proposal ends in your hand-picked engagement ring being the incorrect size, but this is not as uncommon as many may think, neither is it difficult to rectify.

Resizing a ring can be done for a variety of reasons, perhaps the ring purchased is not an ideal fit, or the wearer’s hands have simply become larger or slimmer over the years. Family heirlooms and vintage rings often require resizing to fit their new bride.

Making a large ring smaller is the easier form of adjustment and is often completed by simply removing the access metal, soldering the ring back together and polishing the surface to make the join seamless. For smaller rings in need of enlargement this can be done in a variety of ways. One is simply stretching the ring, which can take a ring a half size larger without damaging or weakening the design and structure. Beyond this, rings will need to be cut and extra lengths of metal added in the same way that larger rings have portions removed.