We buy your old gold

convert unwanted jewellery into cash

Convert old unwanted jewellery into cash -

Do you have broken, or unwanted gold jewellery stored away in the back of a jewellery box or drawer somewhere?  Why not turn it into a new piece of modern jewellery? Or why not even sell it for cash?

At DM Jewellers Maroochydore we buy your unwanted gold, first we’ll assess your piece of jewellery and then provide you with our offer. There’s no obligation to sell but, if you do, you have the confidence of dealing with a trusted jeweller with many years of experience.

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Have old jewellery updated, restyled or repaired -

If the reason you’re not wearing your old jewellery is because it’s unfashionable, broken or dirty then let DM Jewellers Maroochydore repair, restyle and clean.

Our principle jeweller Daniel McKenna will guide you through how you can give old jewellery a new lease of life.

Come and see us first -

DM Jewellers Maroochydore have a 5 star reputation and many hundreds of customers who have trusted the sale, repair, remodel or clean of their old jewellery. 

Let DM Jewellers Maroochydore be your first call and save valuable time to ensure you get the best service and outcome.

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Common questions and answers

In short yes. At DM Jewellers Maroochydore we always provide an appraisal of your items. We offer a FREE no obligation valuation based on the current precious metals markets. We do not pressure you to sell, we offer sound and practical advice. If you do decide that you would like to sell your items we will conduct the transaction efficiently and quickly.

We offer appointments convenient for you to view and appraise your items. 

If you have a number of items to be appraised then it is wise to discuss this on the phone before bringing them in. We take the safety & security of our customers very seriously and with larger or more valuable collections a personal visit can be arranged.

No, you do not. We offer no obligation appraisals to assess and value your items.