Handmade Jewellery Collections

Handmade jewellery

View our incredible handmade jewellery collections

View our incredible handmade jewellery collections

At DM Jewellers we have some incredible bespoke handmade jewellery. As well as our own Daniel McKenna designs we also stock leading jewellery designer brands too.

If you’re looking for something different or unique that’s not massed produced then DM Jewellers offers a variety and opportunity to own some unique and amazing jewllery pieces.

Come and see us in our boutique store in Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast.

Australian chocolate diamonds

Australian Chocolate Diamonds – a unique Australian treasure that holds the prestigious title of being an Argyle Diamond. These warm toned, vibrant pieces are suited to the creative, fashion forward consumer.

DM Jewellers Australian chocolate diamonds

Biron Lab Grown Diamonds

Biron Laboratory Diamonds are grown in highly controlled laboratory conditions that simulate the natural growing process which occured deep within the Earth’s mantle.  The result is a diamond that is physically, optically and chemically identical to a natural or mined diamond. As it is grown in a controlled environment, every stage of the development can be controlled and manipulated, allowing the Laboratory to determine size, clarity and even the colour (to an extent) of the finished stone.

DM Jewellers Biron lab grown exquisite diamond collection

Classique Watches

We stock a beautiful collection of Classique watches. The innovative timepieces whose components are the highest of Swiss quality, Classique watches possess a distinctive and unmistakable personality. Fashions may change, but Classique  watches retain that unique characteristic of ageless validity.

DM Jewellers classic watch collection

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